We are an immersive entertainment collective

Malice Arts was created by Raj Samuel and a gang of creative collaborators with a penchant for visceral experiences.

This love for experiential fun evolved into unique immersive music events for curious adventurers and intrepid brands. With actors and performers and the best of international DJ’s to soundtrack your night.

It all started when a bit of real ‘malice’ happened to Raj, and as a method of recovery, he threw a rather successful party. That one inspired more until they became proper productions, the first ‘real production’ being Malice in Wonderland. 

And the name Malice stuck. Why? Because it encapsulated what we do. Take a familiar theme or story and add some subversive fairy dust to it.

With nine madcap adventures behind us we continue to light up venues with our events. You never know what you’re in store for until you enter Malice.